AE conversion (en)


Microinverter “made in Germany”

From now on one can also feed into the house network with a PV module.
From July 2016 (new TOR D4 with the new definition of small-room generating units up to 600 watts) no network-side approvals are required up to a maximum of 600 W (only a written report with the EVU).

The legally required disconnecting device with connected switching element (NA protection) is integrated in all AE micro-inverters and meets all national standards.
AE Conversion micro inverters meet the requirements of the R 11, since the inverter is mounted close to the source of the source!

Plug & Play
Plug & Play Micro inverter System configuration and accessories for 1 kWp
  • NA Protection by integrated release device
  • Certificate of non-hazardousness on the basis of the test ÖVE/ÖNORM E8001-4-712:2009-12
  • Easy installation by Plug & Play (DC and AC side)
  • High safety due to low DC system voltages
  • IP 45

P/NAC power /comm.Udc / Idc max
INV250-45EU PL250W/Powerline45Vdc/11Adc
INV350-90EU PL350W/Powerline90Vdc/9Adc
INV500-90EU PL500W/Powerline90Vdc/11 Adc


P/NDescriptionUdc / Idc max
AE 51-05-500004-1Connector female part250Vac/20Aac
AE 51-05-500003-1Distribution block 3p Eing./Ausg.250Vac/20Aac
AE 51-05-500002-1Socket end cap 3p250Vac/20 Aac
AE 16-05-500250-1Extension 3p 2m / 2,5 mm²250Vac/20 Aac
AE 11-05-500285-1Datenloggger max. 50 INV +Powerline