IFIX-Solar – KEBA E-charging station available from stock



The intelligent KEBA wallbox (E-Ladestation) “Made in Austria”

can be used ideally in combination with a solar energy management system (SEMS) in photovoltaic plants.

The Wallbox KeContact P30 covers all the needs of a power station, charging station for energy suppliers, fleets operators or e-car owners, thanks to its versatility with numerous options and features:

  • load
  • control
  • communicate
  • network

In addition, there are different installation possibilities (on the wall, with stand, for one or two charging stations), so that no wishes remain open.
The versatile charging station for public and semi-public areas:

  • monitoring
  • settlement
  • or load management

As well as the private sector (Smart Home / Smart Energy Management System):

  • easy to control
  • Status information retrieved
  • Read external counter data



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