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KeContact P30

The next generation wall box
Intelligent power charging station with countless features and communication standards that not only can be charged, but also controlled, communicated and networked.

Ideal in combination with photovoltaic plants – the current charging station for today and for the future.

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Article NumberSerie- Power
KeContact P30 b-series
98.125b-series EN Type2 Socket 22kW
98.148b-series EN Type2-4m Cable 22kW-RFID
KeContact P30 c-series
97.912c-series EN Type2 Socket 22kW-RFID
97.925c-series EN Type2-6m Cable 22kW-RFID
KeContact P30 x-series
102.074x-series EN Type2 Socket 22kW-GSM-RFID
Accesories KeContact P30
89.735Pedestal for one wallbox - stainless steel
90.786Pedestal for two wallboxes - stainless steel

Especially for electrical installers!
Interesting video on Youtube:
Assembly of the KeContact P20 / P30 Wallbox.


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