Kioto Solar + iFIX compressive load 3800 Pa max.



Kioto Solar confirms the extended compressive load in combination with iFIX flat roof mounting system

The Austrian module manufacturer Kioto Solar confirms:
The highly efficient Kioto Solar 60-cell POWER modules with a capacity of up to 290 Wp can be optimally used with the tool-free iFIX flat roof mounting system from Voest Alpine.

In combination with the iFIX flat roof mounting system, 3800 Pa max. Pressure load for the 40mm frame of the POWER modules (according to IEC 61215) – clearly above the conventional 2400 Pa.

70 to 100 kWp can be installed by a practiced assembly team (3 to 4 installers), including the DC wiring per day.

For detailed information an a promotion video, please visit our iFIX product page
iFIX product page.
Many SPAR markets in Austria have been equipped with the combination of Kioto modules and the iFIX flat roof mounting system in recent years! (Picture: 50 kWp in Vienna)

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