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– with the environmental pioneer UFH, which ensures a proper disposal and recycling.
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Damaged PV-Modules, electricity storage units and inverters must be properly collected and treated according to the new Electrical Equipment Ordinance (EAG-VO), in addition to electricity storage and inverters.

UFH as our partner offers a comprehensive range of services:
Damaged PV modules from overseas which have been purchased from iFIX GmbH can now also be sent to the UFH collection centers (see directory in the download area) with the approval sheet signed by iFIX-Solar GmbH taking into account the UFH quality criteria (see download area 3 + 4) As authorized collector.
The UFH takes care into account the entire production chain of a photovoltaic system and ensures proper treatment – according to its motto “disposal with good knowledge”.

Faulty PV modules can not be delivered to municipal collection points because PV modules in Austria are commercial devices. Already in July 2014, the Austrian Ordinance on the Electronic Equipment Ordinance (EAG-VO) was amended on the basis of European specifications. What is new is that since that time, PV modules are also included in the EAEC Regulation. Directly affected are those who put electrical devices (now also PV modules) and batteries into circulation for the first time in Austria: Austrian manufacturers, importers (such as iFIX-Solar GmbH), dealers and installers with direct delivery from abroad.

UFH Zertifikat

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Sammelstellen / Collection-PointsPDFnot available
Freigabeblatt_PV-Vertrag / Release sheet PV contractPDFnot available
Qualitätskriterien für die Übernahme / Quality-CriteriaPDFnot available
UFH Zertifikat / UFH Certificate 2019PDFnot available

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